The Queendom of Acherusia

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Vicerine Svetlana Salomon

Hey hey I'm Svet, but you can call me Princess!

That's what I used to have in my profile, for giggles. Some nice talks in clubs started with that. Too bad I suck at slapping HUD's on ppl :/

I started my Tiny Empire in the Queendom of Highlands, where I was with my ex-boyfriend, and I became a Princess there with some superloyal friends as subjects (Paki, Gwen and Bob <3). However, my bf and I split up and I lost interest in TE, even trashed the HUD. Forevermore. The End !


6 months later, when I was at the ViBe HQ (Bratt's old venue), Tiny Empires was mentioned. And somehow I found the need to tell Bratt that I used to be a Princess (silly me) and this dude (that I knew since... 2007) revealed to me that he was a King. THE KING of Acheron ! And he threatened to ban me from his venue, if I didn't get a replacement HUD to join him. So I honestly had no choice :P

So there I was, Warrior Princess Svet (which was my title already in Highlands) and her loyal followers, joining the ranks of the finest royalties (according to Empy, who I am || this close with) :P

Of course, Bratt soon found out I was to much to handle so out of frustration (I think) he placed me under the loving care of Pixie. She would be my new mom, and did a great job helping me. I felt so at home, with my new friends at the Cup, that I even bought the Federation HUD (eeps!) and with Moonboy in my downline now, that was like SKYROCKETING P2R, towards P4L and recently Vicereine YAY !

*wonders how much text she can put on this page...*

Anyway... I would really like to thank everyone in the Kingdom, not just Bratt and the ppl who helped me directly, but everyone of you who made this a true place for me and others to call home and I hope you like me too lol.

If you don't... then BEWARE of my alt Ava, who is now the Royal Guard of Acheron, she has the whole place booby trapped and stuff (in case you run too fast for my sword to teach you) :O

*thinks of more funny things to say... but nothing comes to mind.* 

Please IM me later on funny updates or if you need help with your TE questions. I'd love to help, and believe it or not, I know EVERYTHING !! :P



 PS : I won 2 festival balls (I just needed to brag about that) :P