The Queendom of Acherusia

A place to play Tiny Empires where people feel at home

Vicerine Pixie Kobichenko

Camping Chairs

I was newly rezzed in Second Life.  Only a few random names on my list, I spent my first few days here rumaging through freebie bins for clothes, hair, wings, and what I now know to be "lag" inducing things like poofers and particles cause, man oh man, those are COOL!  I quickly found out that SL runs on things called "lindens" and while there are many different methods of choice as means to acquire them, I like many other noobies discovered the wonderful world of camping chairs!  *tiny violin for the demise of camping chairs*

It was while camping, or standing behind a chair- hoping whomever was in said chair was asleep at the wheel so that I could swoop in and earn the wallet busting sum of probably two lindens for fifteen minutes of squating- that I met CW.  He was soon to become one of my best friends in SL, and I didn't even know it.  He told me about a place to meet friends, a place called Acheron.  A week or two later, after more blind stumbling through our pixelated world, I took his landmark and arrived in the Queendom of Acheron, led by Deana Wrigglesworth.  

While at the time I didn't know what this "tiny empires" thing was about, nor did I have lindens to spend, I was welcomed in, had the first two huds slapped upon me, through the generosity of others, and quickly began to make friends, just like CW told me.   I found a tree, claimed it for me, and pretty much never left.  Through my going on two years in Acheron/SL, people have come and gone.  Some of them leave special marks on my life.  I'll likely never meet anyone from in here "out there" but the love and respect I have for my friends here, it's as real as for anyone I could reach out and touch in the flesh.

It is with these friends that I play this game called Tiny Empires.

I am honored to be given this opportunity to grow more in the kingdom and hope I can give back to others as much as I have benefited from my wonderful SL home....   


1)  Not being answered doesn't mean you're being ignored- it means RL happens...
2)  A watched pot never boils, & the trader waits until you go to sleep to show up...
3)  Never, and I mean EVER eat the mystery meat surprise at the Cup & Spittle...
4)  We choose to log into SL- you CAN control your happiness here, and if you don't no one can do it for you.

....still miss you every day, Deana