The Queendom of Acherusia

A place to play Tiny Empires where people feel at home

 A crown well deserved   

When you reach 1,000 personal acres, it means you're a Prince(sess) for Life! Nobody can take your title from you and your reward will be a crown icon on the standings page. 

We have 39 Princes for Life and 74 Princesses - well done! 

If you are close to reaching your 1,000 personal then use group chat and let everyone know.  We love to have impromptu P4L parties where group members can donate acres to help make a new Prince or Princess for life.

If you are playing the FED HUD, you will be able to complete your Path to Royalty once you have reached your 1,000 personal acres. Completion of the PtR shows as a blue jewel in your crown.

16 Princesses and 14 Princes have completed the PtR. Congratulations!

(Updated 7th January 2012) 

 Acherusia Princes and Princesses for Life

Dakari Harbinger 

Marv Sideshow

ImaDamn Troglodite

Erik Gravois

BoxOfRox Bulloch

YardGnome Waffle

GardenTroll Haystack 

Dracon Ascot

Zeon Smythe

Diederik Coage

Martin Donat

Reno Young

Bobs Carpool

CW Washborne 

Andy Harcassle

Moonboy Deed 

Jimmie Nemeth

Redd Renard 

Ventola Robbiani

Vegas Bigboots

Cheesecake Guardian

Zeus Argus 

TE3000 Riddler

Big Yokosuka

Jimmy51 Lemon 

Gary Hillburton

Alxx Bruun

Surfking Clifton 

Reason Portal 

Mighty Snowbear 

Jeff Earp 

Criss Daviau

Sidney Deluxe 

Jimbo Mimulus

Fuxake Skytower

Princeps Foxclaw

thomas Hexicola

Justa Finesmith

Justme Wulluf


Megan Francois

Konnie Larsen

Eefje Afarensis

Sandra Syaka

Vilse Shippe 

Bibi Ballinger

Barbie Chase

Babs Loring

Drusilla Darrow

Lacey Saule

Sarah Yorkshire 

Svetlana Salomon

Rebel Hall 

Illyana DeCuir

Jade Berry

N0em1 DeCuir

Paki Runningbear

Jolanda Sellers

Ding Pearl

Maryann Ewing

Soy Scorpio 

Runa Magnifico 

Quality Zanzibar

Ulrica Resident

Iona Georgia

Mimi Yorkiv

Soli Aldrin

Pop Aho

zanne Latoe

Catriona Macbain 

Avaritia Price 

Nognie Klaar

Lillith Firebrand

Gwenniii Hawker

Catalina Young

Skye Fairywren

Michelle Kingmaker

Heather Deanimator

Midnight Dailey 

Moonbright Harcassle

Lorelei Zenfold 

Hiedi Baxton

Zuza Korobase 

KarenMichelle Lane 

Calithea Kanya

Issy Breen

Lis Kuhn 

Melodie Millet

Jessica Doghouse

Shaki Yifu

Heather Mavendorf

Reelou Greer

Joy Christos

Learn Serin

LondonEye Resident

shayleen Lysette

Sonja1 Demonia 

Moondancer Applemoor

Anuschka Hax

Chantal Otsuka

Pixie Kobichenko 

Brielle Shamrock 

Leriel Magic 

Daisy Ogleby

Teagan Sapphire 

Tia Tamalyn

Tess Elska

Imerda Cazalet

Mirra Quinsette

Buena Seda

Debbie Mimulus

NoirPardus Resident

tula Rajal 

Carrie Absent 

Rosaria Constantine