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             Pixie's Stuffed Poblano Peppers


Okay- so I'm not a traditional chef so far as I don't do tons of measuring or go off of recipes... So it's pretty funny that I suggested this exchange page!  Anywho- I loooove Mexican food and this is probably more Tex-Mex (which for those not in the know pretty much means Mexican food that has been toned down for "gringos" which would be me :)

 So what you need (& of course fiddle with it to make it kosher if you need to):


Poblano peppers- how many?  Well I would say one for each person you're feeding if you're doing a side, more per person if you're making an entire meal of it (which you totally can depending on what you want to stuff in them).

1 Tomato, 1 Onion, 1 seeded Jalapeno, the juice of one Lime & a small bit of Cilantro-  to each 4 peppers/people you feed should suffice- diced up tiny and ready to go- squeeze the juice out of the tomatos prior to using in the recipe.

Shredded cheese- something that melts well- I usually buy whatever is on sale

Now- that stuff above is for me a prerequisit- what you buy from here is probably a personal prefence, but I've used diced steak, diced chicken breast and just precooked rice- but I tend to like some rice & steaksmooshed in there....

 First you need to prepare your poblanos.  If you have a gas range or grill this is the best way so far as taste is concerned, but takes longer and you're more apt to light yourself on fire this way- so get your parent's permision before playing with the matches :)   Okay- You need to char the outsides of the peppers- when you hear them starting to make noise and see bubbles in the skin- you know they're done.   I have 4 flames on my gas range and so i do a pepper per flame when I do mine.  YOu need to be turning them or you're going to burn all the way thru them.  Put them in a paper bag or tupperware bowl once they're all charred and let them sweat and cool down- the skins will slide off very easily.   Also, you can just broil the peppers- it's faster, and safer, you still need to turn them (with tongs- always with tongs regardless of method) but I don't think they taste as good when they're broiled. 

 While your peppers are sweating their skins off- this is when you can get your meat going- me, I <3 steak- and if given a choice will always choose beef- but whatever you pick, get it diced up in small bits and get it cooked in a pan with maybe a little teensie bit of EVOO.   Once the meat is done add the veggies and cook long enough to get the raw crisp off them.  Then dump in some precooked rice- long grain, short grain, brown, white- I don't care, and I use whatever is on sale.   Variety is the spice of life :) Anywho- how much rice you use is all dependant on how much stuffing you want- and I suppose works in with how much meat you use- I can't always afford to have a ton of meat, sometimes I have to use more rice- so you see where I'm going there... adjust as needed based on what you have or like...

 Now, turn that off and stick on a back burner- it's okay if it cools off.  Now we need to get the skins off our peppers.  By nwo they should have cooled off & the skins should just slide off.  Sometimes you might need to get a paper towel and use it as an abrasive on a stuck spot or two but they should just skin easily- if not you need to leave them on the fire longer. 

 Skins off?  Okay.  Now you have to get the seeds out.  Well actually you don't have to- I've been served this dish in restaurants with the seeds in them, but personally I think that's just cause it is a little work & the chef's are lazy- I don't like the seeds, but if you don't mind them, I supposed you can skip this step.  Just make a slit long ways down each pepper and scoop the seeds out.  Easy. 

Okay- get a baking tray and I perfer to line my stuff with foil cause I hate clean up.   Place your little peppers on the tray and then stuff them with your mixture that has been cooling.  With toothpicks close each pepper and then douse with cheese.  Broil until the cheese starts to melt and bubble.


*not my picture- I don't have any at the moment- just for illustration.

                   Bratt's Hot Chicken

4 servings

500 gr. chicken breast
5 ts sunflower oil
3 large onions (small cuttings)
2 garlic cloves
1/4 l broth (chicken) (tablet)
2 ts vinegar
9 ts ketjap manis
4 ts ketchup
6 ts brown sugar
2 ts sambal oelek
4 ts peanut butter
300 gr. tauge


Cut chicken in small slices and fry it in the oil till brown and ready. Take it out of the pan and put it on a plate. In the remaining oil, fry the onions 2 minutes, add garlic, stir 1 minute. Add broth, vinegar, ketjab and ketchup. Stir well. Add brown sugar, sambal and peanut butter and the fried chicken. Bring to the boil and turn the gaz low. Leave for about 15 minutes and stir regularly. 2 minutes before ready, add the tauge and let it heat up in the sauce. Don't cook it.

In the meantime cook the rice.

Very good with kroepoek and Atjar.

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