The Queendom of Acherusia

A place to play Tiny Empires where people feel at home

~ Abdicator ~ Rosaria Constantine

Friends and Family


Acheron was my third Tiny Empires Kingdom...definitely a case of third time lucky. I'm still here and they can't get rid of me...however how hard they try!

I landed outside The Cup n Spittle in July 2009 on a random search of the grid, looking for people to bribe. Outside The Cup I met Bratt. Suffice to say I didn't succeed in bribing him, but somehow I ended up with him as my liege and the rest, as they say, is history.

I was honoured to have been asked to become Vicerine and Grand Vicerine and to support King Bratt do the amazing job he did. And as Queen of Acherusia, I am honoured now to carry on the legacy that King Bratt and Queen Deana left behind.

When I arrived in Acheron, I was welcomed and helped by lots of great people and I hope that I was able to repay some of that kindness by welcoming and helping people who arrived after me. Acheron always felt like a big family and every day the friends I made there make SL worth coming back to.

It is my hope that Acherusia will carry on the spirit of Acheron, whilst also changing and developing as we grow together.